Upwardly Mobile

19th May 2012

Owners are converting attics and buying roof space as they improve rather than move, writes Jane Burton-Taylor in Domain.

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Daily Telegraph Feature

5th May 2012

Unlocking that empty space between ceiling and roof could be the answer to all your storage woes. Writes Robyn Willis

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Sending Profit Through The Roof

Renovating upwards, and transforming the dusty space that most people avoid going near, can change your loft from a one-stop drop off for household junk into a useable living space.

A feature by Jennifer Duke reports that opportunities that sit up in the loft tend to go right over people’s heads, meaning that even savvy investors can miss out on big profits.

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Changes that add value

Jane Burton Taylor investigates the renovations that can add value to your house.

Extract from full article in Sydney Morning Herald  Domain:

Convert an attic

Added value: $80,000 with drop-down stairs, $150,000 for usable room with fixed stairs.

Kell estimates it costs $20,000 to convert an attic for storage and $40,000-$50,000 to turn it into a home office or bedroom.

The latter involves strengthening structure, insulating, adding an operable skylight window and installing stairs – either drop-down or permanent.

But there are challenges, such as where to locate the stairs without messing up the lower-level layout.

“Attic conversion is a definite bonus, especially in areas like ours [the inner west] where land size is only around 180 square metres. Even with pull-down stairs and lining, an attic conversion will make the house more saleable,” Pilcher says.